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Anti-Ice Fluid

SAE Type IV Aircraft Ground Anti-Icing Fluid  is designed for contaminate-free, fixed-wing, metal aircraft (Vfr of 85 Knots or more, only)  to delay the accumulation of frost, snow & ice while on the ramp and taxiing for takeoff.  It's typically sprayed unheated, directly upon the aircraft's upper wing and tail surfaces.  Because of its viscous nature, it clings to those surfaces and "absorbs" the continuing frozen precipitation.  The anti-icing fluid (and entrapped contaminants) are then "sheared" off the wing/tail surfaces by wind speed on the takeoff roll. We offer one formulation of Aircraft Ground Anti-Icing Fluid: Formula IV.

Formula IV

  • Applied undiluted
  • Best used with Electric Powered Carts
  • Sold in 55 Gallon
Formula IV Anti-Icing Fluid - 55 Gallons
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