Handheld De-icing Sprayers


Hand Held De-icing Sprayers

Our Handheld Deicing Sprayers are aircraft-portable pressure sprayers appropriate for defrosting and light deicing operations. They are commercial grade, polyurethane, controlled-pressure sprayers designed to spray hot SAE Type I deicing fluid directly on your aircraft to remove frost, and light snow & ice. They are equipped with a brass wand, flat-fan spray pattern, high capacity, interchangeable nozzle tip that sprays 1.2GPM of deicing fluid at 20 psi. These portable handheld units can be carried aboard your aircraft to offer de-icing/anti-icing capability anywhere you fly.

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Part#            Description

S31PS 1 gallon portable handheld Sprayer

S32PS 2 gallon portable handheld Sprayer

S33HP 3 gallon portable handheld Sprayer


Immersion Heaters for our line of Handheld De-icing Sprayers

 The Model IH-HS Series Immersion Heaters are electrical 120-volt units designed to mate with our S-Series, Handheld Deicing Sprayers to heat SAE Type I aircraft ground de-icing fluids within the sprayer's tank. The heaters can be used indoors or out, may be plugged into a standard 3-prong grounded household outlet, and will heat and maintain the de-icing fluid to a factory-set 160F.

 PART# Description Volts Watts

IH-HS1 Immersion heater specially designed for S31PS 120v 1100w

IH-HS2 Immersion heater specially designed for S32PS 120v 1400w

IH-HS319 Immersion heater specially designed for S33HS 120v 1700w